We Buy Scrap Metal in Bristol



Did you know we buy scrap metal in Bristol?

Free Scrap Metal Collection Bristol buys and handles tonnes of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal each year.

We buy Scrap Metal in Bristol in a  fast and efficient manner which gets your scrap metal into the system where it can be processed environmentally.
We are able to offer free testing and analysis of your scrap metal on site – this gives you detail of the metals contained in your scrap.

Sell your scrap metal in Bristol

We are located in Bristol, not far from the city centre. We operate from Monday to Saturday – all you need to do is call us and we’ll do the rest.

We sort and test all of your scrap for you so you don’t need to worry about organising it first.

What scrap metals can we handle?

We’ll take just about anything – if we can’t recycle your scrap, we’ll make sure it’s disposed of safely and efficiently.

Below you’ll find some examples of the type of scrap we process – including some items you might not have expected!

Organising a skip collection or delivery

If you have a full Skip you can simply complete this form and we’ll organise to collect it from you, and bring you another empty one too.

If you don’t, and would like one, again you can complete this form and we will be in touch.




We Buy Scrap Metal

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Bright wire
Heavy Copper
PVC Cables
Stainless Steel Swarf
Copper Radiators
Armoured Cable
Fridge Motors

We buy trade scrap metal

Calling all builders, plumbers, electricians and roofers… sell us your van-loads of scrap!