We Buy Scrap Metal in Bristol

Did you know we buy scrap metal in Bristol?

Free Scrap Metal Collection Bristol buys and handles tonnes of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal each year.

We buy Scrap Metal in Bristol in a  fast and efficient manner which gets your scrap metal into the system where it can be processed environmentally.
We are able to offer free testing and analysis of your scrap metal on site – this gives you detail of the metals contained in your scrap.

Sell your scrap metal in Bristol

We are located in Bristol, not far from the city centre. We operate from Monday to Saturday – all you need to do is call us and we’ll do the rest.

We sort and test all of your scrap for you so you don’t need to worry about organising it first.

What scrap metals can we handle?

We’ll take just about anything – if we can’t recycle your scrap, we’ll make sure it’s disposed of safely and efficiently.

Below you’ll find some examples of the type of scrap we process – including some items you might not have expected!

Organising a skip collection or delivery

If you have a full Skip you can simply complete this form and we’ll organise to collect it from you, and bring you another empty one too.

If you don’t, and would like one, again you can complete this form and we will be in touch.

We Buy Scrap Metal

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Brass - Free Scrap Metal Collection Bristol


Bright Wire - Free Scrap Metal Collection Bristol
Bright wire
Lead - Free Scrap Metal Collection Bristol
Heavy Copper - Free Scrap Metal Collection Bristol
Heavy Copper
PVC Cables - Free Scrap Metal Collection Bristol
PVC Cables
Stainless Steel Swarf - Free Scrap Metal Collection Bristol
Stainless Steel Swarf
Aluminium - Free Scrap Metal Collection Bristol
Cable - Free Scrap Metal Collection Bristol
Copper Radiators - Free Scrap Metal Collection Bristol
Copper Radiators
Armoured Cable - Free Scrap Metal Collection Bristol
Armoured Cable
Motors - Free Scrap Metal Collection Bristol
Fridge Motors - Free Scrap Metal Collection Bristol
Fridge Motors

We buy Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal

At Free Scrap Metal Collection Bristol, we specialize in the purchase of both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. For those who might be curious, the term ‘ferrous’ is derived from the Latin word for iron, and it essentially distinguishes between iron-based and non-iron-based scrap materials.

Understanding the differentiation between ferrous and non-ferrous metals is essential for efficient scrap disposal. To make the process smoother, we recommend you follow a basic separation process for your metals. In particular, non-ferrous metals require separation before delivery to our premises in Bristol.

Here are some examples of non-ferrous metal types that should be separated:

  1. Copper: Copper is a highly valuable non-ferrous metal widely used in various industries.
  2. Brass: Brass is a copper and zinc alloy with numerous applications, often found in plumbing and decorative items.
  3. Copper Wire: Copper wire, especially in its clean and unalloyed form, is highly sought after in the scrap metal industry.
  4. Electric Motors: Electric motors often contain non-ferrous components that should be separated for recycling.
  5. Aluminum: Aluminum is another prized non-ferrous metal due to its lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties.
  6. Zinc: Zinc, commonly used in the galvanizing of steel, is a valuable non-ferrous metal.
  7. Lead: Lead, while less commonly used today, is still found in various applications and should be responsibly separated.

This simple guide serves as a useful reference to help you segregate your scrap metals, ensuring a more efficient and environmentally friendly disposal process.

For those involved in businesses dealing with copper or aluminum scrap, it’s worth noting that scrap metal prices for these materials have been on a consistent upward trajectory in recent years. This increase is directly linked to the rising global demand for these metals. As their usage continues to expand, so do the scrap metal prices.

We encourage you to stay in touch with us for up-to-date advice and insights into the dynamic world of scrap metal recycling. We’re dedicated to keeping you informed about the latest trends and market developments in the scrap yard metal recycling business.

At Free Scrap Metal Collection Bristol, we not only value your scrap metals but also aim to expand your awareness of the possibilities available within the recycling industry. Recycling scrap metal isn’t just about environmental responsibility; it’s a potential source of income for anyone who approaches it with astuteness. With the growing emphasis on recycling and sustainable practices, exploring this avenue is a worthwhile endeavour that can benefit both your pocket and the planet.

We welcome everyone interested in recycling scrap metal to join us on this journey, where your participation contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.